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For Sale: Virtual Boy stuff !
Posted on: 2011/11/2 13:09

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Since i have sold one of my Virtual Boy units i have some stuff left over that i already have for my other Virtual Boy unit.

Give me a fair bid and it´s yours
Shipping within the EU would be about 5 Euro per item.
Ships worldwide.

All boxes are empty and have manual and are brand new. (no game) except for Virtual fishing that is well used.

Headphones are brand new.

Manual+ extras in plasticbag are in very good condition.

Flashboy plus with USB cable is like new with dustcover.

Price: $0 ()

Attach file:

jpg  img_1320239371_0.jpg (155.94 KB)
img_1320239371_0.jpg 918X689 px

jpg  img_1320239371_1.jpg (143.88 KB)
img_1320239371_1.jpg 858X643 px

jpg  img_1320239371_2.jpg (149.67 KB)
img_1320239371_2.jpg 816X612 px

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