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Re: FlashBoy SRAM FAQ
Posted on: 2013/8/13 22:44

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only a couple of games actually had battery assisted saves. what games are you trying?

these have save battery support:
3D Tetris
Galactic Pinball
SD Gundam Dimension War
Virtual Boy Wario Land
Virtual Fishing

if they fail to save then you should test your battery to make sure its working. if the battery tests ok then it could be your connection or how the battery is seated. i had an issue with the 1st battery that came in my FB+, it seems that some of them had a film on them that had to be cleaned off. you could try cleaning it with some rubbing alcohol or just grab a new battery and give it a try.

Re: FlashBoy SRAM FAQ
Posted on: 2013/8/14 18:13

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You should PM minestorm -- he'll repair it for you.

I asked him a while back to send it back to me. I've not received it yet.

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