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Virtual Boy Receiving
Posted on: 2011/2/13 5:29
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I read a topic here about someone attempting to use their Virtual Boy as a 3D/ 2D display from a computer using the link cable port.

I'm thinking of doing something like that when I start doing hobby stuff on my Virtual Boy, except with an RCA cable, and on a homebrew protoboard cartridge.

I think it's possible, isn't it? All we're talking about is an analog-to-digital circuit, aren't we?

Re: Virtual Boy Receiving
Posted on: 2011/2/13 7:45
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Actually, you're referring to the veGL project which makes the VB into a kind of "headache accelerator" for the PC (I kid, I kid!). It doesn't just send video straight to the display (which is impossible without modifying the actual VB unit itself, and would take much more than a simple ADC) but instead commands the VB's CPU to produce images on the VB's display just as a VB game does.

It would be a fairly quick way to test graphics for a homebrew project, but since you need a cart, anyway, you may as well just start dev'ing your project and test on HW periodically.

I don't want to dissuade you from making one, though. I'm sure Alberto would love some outside confirmation that the instructions can be followed successfully by someone other than himself.

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