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Re: Link Cable project interest
Posted on: 5/17 18:34
VB Gamer
Joined 2017/12/29
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I'm also interested in a prebuilt VB-to-VB link cable. Is anyone selling them?

Re: Link Cable project interest
Posted on: Yesterday 16:44
Joined 2016/12/15
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I was going to wait until the one year mark of first posting about this project (7/2/18) but why wait... Here's the STL files for the link cable parts. You can have your own parts 3D printed with them. You'll need 1 set for each end of the cable.

This may also help: ... y-wired-link-cable-build/

They've been tweaked to print best in Markforged Onyx, but feel free to try anything you'd like. No strings attached with these models. If you want to start a company building and selling VB link cables, have at it!

Attach file:

stl VB_Matt_center.stl Size: 26.55 KB; Hits: 1
stl VB_Matt_shell_2.stl Size: 84.07 KB; Hits: 1
stl VB_Matt_shell_1.stl Size: 84.46 KB; Hits: 0

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