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[FONT] Novaterm "ansi81" 3x7
Posted on: 2009/4/20 20:30
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Novaterm ANSI81 Font
Pixel: 256x32
Tiles: 64x4
Size: 4x8
Description: Extended ASCII font from C64 Terminal Software "Novaterm"
Credits: Novaterm
Notes: I guess this type of font could be used with a special print function that uses objects

Attach file:

h font_ansi81.h Size: 11.95 KB; Hits: 579
vep font_ansi81.vep Size: 8.04 KB; Hits: 290

bmp  font_ansi81.bmp (8.07 KB)
1_49ecc04e5034d.bmp 256X32 px
Edited by KR155E on 2009/4/20 20:50

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