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Re: Development of a virtual Boy Emulator for Nintendo DS
Posted on: 2008/12/23 2:10
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Here's something I just found out about that sounds like a great target for a new (or ported) VB emulator:

It's kinda pricey, but if enough people buy them, the price might come down through volume.

There's also the OLPC, which is already down to $200 (except that you have to buy one for a kid when you buy yours, so it's really $400) and the specs are pretty impressive for the price (which is, incidentally, the same as the VB's launch price ).

Porting VB games to the DS might be cool, but it's likely someone will eventually make a game that at least clones the core gameplay of each VB game--if they haven't already.

Why not get into VB dev'ing? It's pretty fun and fairly easy on newbies, thanks to its relatively streamlined design. It's also one of the best documented consoles in the homebrewing community.

Re: Development of a virtual Boy Emulator for Nintendo DS
Posted on: 2009/1/2 21:06

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While the default clock of the NDS might not be able to handle the overhead of emulating the v810 you can easily overclock the ds to 118 which is 5.8 times the clock speed of the v810. now all that stands in the way is the host of other issues with the idea! ... ock-your-nintendo-ds-lite

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