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vbJaEngine features
Posted on: 2008/9/29 19:08
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Hi, since the competition is due to this Wednesday, I've working a lot in my engine and I hope it is ready for release next month. I've already begun to write the documentation.

Here is the list of features currently working, hopes someone find it useful.

Critics/Suggestions are welcome!

The engine provides the following features for the programmer to take advantage of:

•Automatic char memory allocation.

•Automatic bgmap memory allocation.

•Automatic world layer assignment based on the object’s z position.

•Automatic frame rate control.

•Memory Pool to allocate memory dynamically.

•Automatic memory allocation for Param tables (used in affine and h-bias modes).

•Easy to use printing functions to facilitate debug.

•Sound reproduction of one BGM and up to two FX sounds simultaneous.

•A generic container.

•Messaging system.

•Generic State Machine.

•Automatic Collision detection and notification.

•Object Oriented support through the use of Metaprogramming (C MACROS).
o Inheritance
o Polymorphism
o Encapsulation

•Useful classes to speed up the content creation process:
o Image
o Background
o Character
o Scroll

•Automatic loading/unloading of objects in/outside the screen.

•3D stages.

•Simple physics simulation:

o Accelerated/uniform movement.
o Gravity
o Friction

•Scaling/rotation effects.

•Clocking system.

•Automatic projection/parallax/scale calculation and rendering.

•Customizable perspective/deep effects on real time.

•Frame based animation system with callback support.

•Generic main game algorithm (game loop).


Re: vbJaEngine features
Posted on: 2008/9/29 19:52
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simply amazing! i can't wait for the release! :]

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