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What does "addictive" mean ?
Posted on: 2007/12/30 17:12
Virtual Freak
Joined 2005/7/22
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ContributorLong Time User (14 Years)
Right now, you don't really know.
After clicking here or here, you will understand.

Sorry those who have no time to waste

PS : This one is not addictive at all but you have to know it since it's Tetris 1D.

Re: What does "addictive" mean ?
Posted on: 2007/12/30 21:53
Joined 2006/9/28
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CoderLong Time User (13 Years) PVBCC 2010 3rd
How about this one? Soon coming to XBLA, DS and PSP...

Oooh, almost forgot. The ragdoll shooter one is a lot like this game. You'll probably like it if you liked that.
Edited by Fwirt on 2007/12/30 22:11

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