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Re: Interrupts and new gccvb
Posted on: 2008/5/7 7:49
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Jorgeche: Why did you comment out the setcoltable code in the crt0.s? I was messing w/ interrupts a little bit tonight and your crt0 works in the emulator, but when I ran it on hardware, the columns were all messed up. Did you disable it because you set up the column table elsewhere in your code? Anyway, I uncommented that code out and rebuilt it and it works great for me, so thanks!


Re: Interrupts and new gccvb
Posted on: 2008/6/9 19:49
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Hi there DogP, long time since I came, well I don't remember exactly why I did that, but I suppose it was because in the engine I'm messing arount with a lot of the hardware registers, so after setting up a level adn before showing it, I call the function to settup the column table again.


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