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Re: Multi Viewer
Posted on: 2005/5/6 7:26
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Yeah, I agree that it should be processed by the PC, but I just don't know about reading the display data directly with software. It goes so fast, and with the brightness controlled by the pulse width, I think the low priority of the parallel port would be too slow/inaccurate. If we could read it realtime with a microcontroller that then sends the data to the PC during the blanking period, I think that'd be the way to go. Of course, that's more hardware/complexity, and software is so much easier to write, but I can't see it working well :/ .

Or, we could just get our hands on a Video Boy and copy their design :D .


Re: Multi Viewer
Posted on: 2005/5/6 12:05
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/me grabs 800 bucks and jumps in his time machine :D

Re: Multi Viewer
Posted on: 2005/5/6 13:59
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/me wishes KR155E had waited for the rest of us.
Imagine walking into a Japanese shop and actually purchasing Space Invaders - for retail price. :D


Re: Multi Viewer
Posted on: 2005/5/6 17:24
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You know, somewhere in Japan someone is lamenting that they have to pay so much for Water World... Its always greener on the other side of the sea

ps. I got water world for $2 at a thrift shop when they were going for $50 on ebay

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