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Re: The Noteworthy Auction Threadô
Posted on: 2/12 0:36
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vuefinder83 wrote:

Very easily! Just have a look at the flap on the very bottom of the box. It's folded in the same manner as the North American releases. Just compare this very copy with any other copy online and you'll see what I mean.

Holy shit. I didn't even realize till you made me go look that the Japanese boxes fold the same on top and bottom. O_O
Years of collecting VB games and never knew this...
Feel a bit like an idiot. :D

Re: The Noteworthy Auction Threadô
Posted on: 2/12 2:44
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Yeah everyone should report listings like this. I would, but it's US shipping only, and being in Canada and eBay changing things so it flat out doesn't seem to let me see items that don't ship here. Everyone with a US ebay, though, please report this listing!

Repros like this are awful, it just pisses me right off that people are willing to put all sorts of effort into ripping other people off. I want to give that person a good smack upside the head.

Re: The Noteworthy Auction Threadô
Posted on: 2/12 3:28
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I wonder if it's just the box that's fake or also the cart...

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