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yeti 3d
Posted on: 2008/10/31 20:00

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Hello.I have read on rdragon changelog:

* Started syncronizing VIP registers to the screen. EtchaSketch and Yeti3D
demos appear to work correctly

but i am unable to found the yeti3d demo.could someone post ??

I tried other version of yeti3d (gba,ds) and i would love seing it on vboy.

Re: yeti 3d
Posted on: 2008/10/31 23:29
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I don't remember whether it was ever publicly released/posted, but it was being developed by DanB. Last thing I remember was that it looked good, but ran really slowly. I dunno whether he has any plans of continuing work on it. I would like to see that though... and DanB: if you're abandoning it, I'd be interested in the source to see what kind of optimizations could be done. I have actually been craving Descent lately, and a Descent game for the VB would be AWESOME... and I think Yeti might be a good base for that .


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