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Tech Question ?
Posted on: 2004/7/15 19:30
Mitch Naz

Can a JAP VB AC TAP work properly on a US Virtual Boy console ? like will fit on a us controller and will the snes power supply work correctly with it etc. Thanks, Mitch_Naz

- Please reply this is going to be very helpful.

Re: Tech Question ?
Posted on: 2004/7/16 4:11
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Yes, there's really only one kind of adapter tap. As long as you use the SNES adapter for your locality, it should work fine.


Re: Tech Question ?
Posted on: 2004/7/16 9:47
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but, wre I can attach my SNES adapter?

Re: Tech Question ?
Posted on: 2004/7/16 19:56
Mitch Naz
You attach the SNES Adapter on the VB AC Tap which goes on the controller like the battery pack does.

Mitch Naz

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