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Re: Collecting Tiger R-Zone
Posted on: 2017/10/16 18:05
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I decided to come back to the R-Zone. I just bought an XPG and a Star Wars game on eBay. I don't know why I sold mine and a couple of games a few years ago. I was a fool, I guess, since I love dorky things like this. I have a and a complete collection for it.

Re: Collecting Tiger R-Zone
Posted on: 2017/10/17 18:38
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I admit that I am still obsessed with the tiger r zone. I recently added a datazone to my collection. It is brand new in the box. It is the only one known to be unopened. I have not been able to add any more games to my collection of 26 unfortunately. I have even considered offering a copy of Hyper Fighting to anyone that can help me add a single game to my collection.

Re: Collecting Tiger R-Zone
Posted on: 2019/9/24 13:16
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Hi guys, considering no one posted here in a long time, I thought letting you know I recently became the proud owner of a sealed headgear unit Mask of Zorro pack-in. I'm realy glad with it because it is so very rare.

If I can help someone answering questions about the package or something, just let me know. Ofc I'm not opening it to scan the manual ;)

Re: Collecting Tiger R-Zone
Posted on: 2019/9/24 18:24
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Nice. I just got a Super Screen unit, it's way bigger than I thought it was going to be, lol. I don't know how hard I'll try to get every known game, but I grab them when I see them for a good price.

I've got a working head unit, XPG, and now Super Screen. Data Zone is a far-away dream for now, but maybe someday.

Re: Collecting Tiger R-Zone
Posted on: 3/5 1:54
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I feel the need to play necromancer here.

A couple weeks ago it was dumb luck that not only did I track down one of these (XPG) but the semi-local game shop which usually is high had it so long it was mismarked at $13 with Jedi Academy so I snapped it up. I'm surprised how good it is considering how badly it's dumped on. It really is the poor mans Virtual Boy in a very obvious way. When I say good though I mean good as much as their 80s/early 90s tiger segments handheld games could get good (and a few did, very few.) I tracked down Daytona for it and have that today, kind of hoping I can find more of them.

Is there a historically decently fair barometer on what to pay or not to on these, in particular loose, as I have no interest in getting baked cutting open something new as I'm sure even this thing has collectors.

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