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Re: VirtualBoy emulation on the Oculus Quest
Posted on: 2019/8/31 23:41
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VmprHntrD wrote:
I'm curious for those of us without deep pockets to get into oculous, has anyone attempted to convert this (or would it already work) on a non-3D android device. There isn't much going on good in the world of VB emulation it appears these days.
Stereoscopic 3D is so fundamental to the appeal of the Virtual Boy that I do not understand why anyone would ever want to play it if they don't have two eyes and are playing it in 3D.

But if you really want VirtualBoy emulation on a non-3D Android device, VirtualBoy emulation in RetroArch works fine.

Personally, I've somewhat moved on to other things at this point, like recreating Wolfenstein 3D for the Quest. :D

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