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Current state of VB on TV in 3D?
Posted on: 2019/8/5 20:42
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I read about the VirtualTap devices, and that they are not currently available. I saw in the comments that it might be possible to use two of them combined as red and blue to get anaglyph 3D on a TV. Has anyone done this?

Or, is there currently any other way to play an actual VB on a TV in anaglyph 3D?

I'm open to even more complex ideas, like consolizing a VB.

Re: Current state of VB on TV in 3D?
Posted on: 2019/8/7 16:36

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There is currently no way to do that. You'd need either two VirtualTaps and something that could take two VGA inputs and composite the two streams together, or you'd need an entirely custom system to replace the VirtualTaps that can do a digital composite and output a 3D stream (be it anaglyph or some dual-frame format).

Either way, I think focusing on compatibility 3D televisions is a dead end, because they're simply not available anymore. I think it would be a better use of time, especially if we're talking about a VirtualTap successor with HDMI output, to focus on compatibility with VR headsets. A PSVR can be had for $200 or less and is available new, whereas 3DTVs are fairly difficult to come by.

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