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Hunting for VB Games in Japan
Posted on: 5/30 12:20
Virtual Freak
Joined 2015/5/7
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I'm going to Japan. is it possible to get jp games while i'm there for the VB?
Do you people know of any places i should visit?
I'm going to the usual places like Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya etc...

Re: Hunting for VB Games in Japan
Posted on: 5/30 22:36
VB Gamer
Joined 2018/8/16
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I’ve been in Japan this April and my conclusion is that there is no chance to get a good price compared to the usual prices on eBay. I’ve been in Akihabara and I saw Space Invaders and Gundam in a good condition, but not a difference compared to the prices on eBay. I bought Jack Bros. (Jp.) in “Okay” condition to a comparable price and also Mario Clash, Mario Tennis and T&E Golf (all jp) in good condition for a “valuable” price, but rare games are not there for a “very good” price.
I’ve also been in Den-Den Town in Osaka and in Chiba, but in Chiba I saw nothing and in Osaka nothing really special.
But all in all it is still a great experience to visit Akihabara and see all the retro games. I saw also jp-demos of Mario Clash, Mario Tennis and Wario Land in a glass rack, but they were literally not for sale (I asked for it :-) ).

Re: Hunting for VB Games in Japan
Posted on: 5/31 3:04
Virtual Freak
Joined 1/27
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I think what was once a honeyhole for the non-Japanese to score great stuff has been ruined by the blowback effect of the predatory nature of the reseller market in the US. It got bad and high so fast it drove people to seek alternatives, one being Japanese games for cheaper versions. It didn't take too long for them to figure out people were importing a lot out for cheap to then realize there was money in matching online values and that did it in.

Re: Hunting for VB Games in Japan
Posted on: 5/31 8:08
Joined 2017/1/9
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Yea, while you should 100% go to Akihabara and check it out, places there like Super Potato wont be offering you up any crazy deals that you couldn't just get off eBay. ( For the most part )

I would suggest checking out both Book-Off and Hard-Off. They have some pretty massive video game sections with some pretty good deals here and there. :)
Check out their "Junk" section!

Have fun in Japan!

Re: Hunting for VB Games in Japan
Posted on: 5/31 20:08
Joined 2010/10/22
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I lived in Japan for a year and I didn't see too many Virtual Boy games, certainly not at Book Off / Hard Off. Mandarake has some, and I did see Virtual Bowling once in Surugaya in Tokyo. I saw SD Gundam cart only once in Osaka, it might still be there but it was 60000 yen or something I think. There's not cheap there either.

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