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Virtual Smash Bros Update
Posted on: 5/6 23:54
VB Gamer
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I know I havenít updated fans in a while and I apologize. This year has been a lot busier for me than I thought so I havenít been able to do too much in terms of development. With summer around the corner I should be able to start working on it daily which means Iím looking to get the game released by the end of summer (September-October)
But I have finalized the character roster and here it is

Donkey Kong
Jack Frost

The character roster is being limited to 9 because I want to mimic how Super Smash Bros would play on a Virtual Boy (similar to Super Smash Land.) Each character had, or was supposed to have a VB game besides Link, who I included to complete the Smash Bros feel (I also needed a sword fighter)

Now for what I think you will find interesting

To make it seem more like a VB Game, some stages will have a foreground/background feature similar to Warioland. This means that in a few of the stages, there will be two platforms you can jump between!

I really hope you guys enjoy this when itís released and have a great day.

Discord Server:

Re: Virtual Smash Bros Update
Posted on: 5/7 2:53
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Really cool idea. I like the character roster, so fitting!

Re: Virtual Smash Bros Update
Posted on: 5/7 19:48
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Idk how exactly it would work but if you could incorporate Bound High into it too (perhaps a breakable level) that would be pretty sweet.

Can't wait to see how this progresses

Re: Virtual Smash Bros Update
Posted on: 5/12 4:46
Virtual Freak
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Yeah agreed it would be wrong to leave out Chalvo from Bound High, he's a mini mascot of sorts, had more than one game under his belt so there are designs to work by for a look, sound ,and attack pattern.

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