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Files Included With VBDE Won't Open
Posted on: 2019/4/19 18:54

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I just downloaded VBDE Pro from here and have been trying to open most of the editors and things but none of them will stay open or open at all. The files I'm having the problems with are:

- Midi-Converter
- vb_snd_gen
- vb_wav
- grit
- vbimgc

Each of these open a Windows Command Prompt file for maybe a millisecond and then immediately close again. Could it be where they're located on my drive? They are located on the filepath C:\Users\****\Desktop\vbde\tools\ and haven't been moved from their respective folders.

Re: Files Included With VBDE Won
Posted on: 2019/4/20 14:24

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Those are all meant to be run from the shell or from a build script. They'll be run if and when they're needed by VBDE (or you can read their respective documentation and use them properly 😉)

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