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How to fix VB displays?
Posted on: 2019/4/11 17:29
VB Gamer
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Hw do you fix VB dsiplays and what are the methods for doing so?

Re: How to fix VB displays?
Posted on: 2019/4/12 17:00
Joined 2019/1/27
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You can detach the cable, clean and expose the pins, and then properly unlike Nintendo solder them to the board so they don't pop off again. Fools will try and just re-warm the glue which works, but won't last long. Or if the cable is shot you can wait for a replacement cable in production now or you get a bunch of wires and individually basically make your own cable of sorts completing each line from both ends.

That's it, that's about the only working temporary or permanent fixes that really would cut it I'm aware of.

Re: How to fix VB displays?
Posted on: 2019/4/12 18:13
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There is a 3D printable bracket that you can install that will put pressure on the lifting pins. I printed one out for testing purposes, and it works quite well.

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