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Re: Virtual Boy Screen Repairs
Posted on: 2018/12/14 9:26
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trueskins wrote:
I have sent and mp to TheForce81 as I have begun to have problems with one my units.


Re: Virtual Boy Screen Repairs
Posted on: 1/2 16:09
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Just want to write about my experience with TheForce81, as I sent my displays to him to be solder repaired over the holidays and they have been fully fixed! Extremely cooperative and nice guy, he kept in regular contact with me, and I appreciate him holding on to them for a while. The work done was very rapid and high quality, and the dispatch was quick so I got them back in no time.

I really want to commend this guy for doing brilliant work for this community, he even helped guide me through the process of putting them back in and having to adjust them (which thankfully wasn't necessary). Thanks a lot Force81!!

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Re: Virtual Boy Screen Repairs
Posted on: 1/30 17:01
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Hi I Sent not one but 3 VB to be repaired. One of them was a hard work, as I had been supossedly repaired some years ago, but by someone who didn't know what he was doing....

So I can just highly recommend TheForce81 to everyone. Thanks!

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