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Re: Joypad Magazine
Posted on: 2018/12/4 16:36

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Levine91 wrote:

Inirius wrote:
Theses magazines are wonderful ! I must get them !

So, if we could have bought VB games in france, there must have been french translations of the instructions ?

I’ve heard about some french instructions in switzerland, in the Interdiscount Shop. However I’ve never seen them, does someone here knows more about french instructions ?

(because I’m french, I’ll love to get these intructions :) )

I'm not sure about the games but I know in certain parts of Canada it was required to include french instructions, which is how they came to be.

I'm not sure if there is any scans online but if there is, they are somewhere on this site.

French French and Canadian French are not exactly the same, but they should be close enough. Expect some funny words. :)

Re: Joypad Magazine
Posted on: 2018/12/5 20:56

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Yes they have few differences, but it doesn’t matter ! I’m only looking for french VB stuff, even canadian french :)

I didn’t thought about canadian games, but maybe they have made french instructions.

I’ve searched in the forum but I didn’t found anything, apart from this topic. That’s why a asked the question :)

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