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Flashboy Plus Won't Work In Virtual Boy
Posted on: 2017/4/19 23:33
Joined 2017/4/19
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I have a Flashboy Plus here and I have flashed three games so far with two different ROM sets(GoodVB and No-Intro).

The flashing went fine according to the program, but when I insert the cart into the Virtual Boy and turn it on, nothing comes on. I can hear the mirrors spinning, but nothing is happening in the cart. I have two retail carts here and they both work fine. So why isn't the Flashboy Plus working?

Re: Flashboy Plus Won
Posted on: 2017/4/20 4:22
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Did you pad the ROMs before flashing them?

Re: Flashboy Plus Won
Posted on: 2017/4/21 7:58
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make sure that you padded the rom to 2mb before flashing it. you can find the padding program here: ... .php?sec=utils&pid=padder

both mario tennis and teleroboxer have audio before the title screen. so booting one of those should give you an indication if your system is working but the displays are not.

unpadded mario tennis crc: 7CE7460D
unpadded teleroboxer crc: 36103000

please make sure you have new batteries or a correct AC adapter to power the VB.

Re: Flashboy Plus Won
Posted on: 2017/12/10 23:26
Joined 2017/11/29
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How exactly does this padding program work? I drag a rom .vb file onto the command prompt window, and all it does is close the program. Nothing else happens after that...

I am trying to pad a Jack Bros rom, which is 1 MB

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