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Re: We need a VB music tracker!
Posted on: 2017/10/6 7:41
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Looking at the DefleMask forums it looks like they do a poll when they're looking to add support for new systems. We should keep our eyes out for that.

Otherwise, all they other options sound great too. It would be awesome to have multiple options available to choose from.

Re: We need a VB music tracker!
Posted on: 2017/10/12 18:28
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I've been learning more about the VB's sound capabilities, as well as making samples that would be possible on the VB, and then using them in a sample-based tracker similar to MilkyTracker. So it's more or less like what you're talking about, DogP.

But there is a limit to this, and that is: you'll just be making music that *sounds* (almost) exactly like what you can get on the VB. You won't be able to actually get it on the VB unless you went through the effort of coding a player for every intricacy a complex sample-based tracker provides. Something like Deflemask or Famitracker would definitely be closer to what I'd say everyone wants, because it provides everything you need to both make the music and get it exported into something you can put into your homebrew.

And the video L__E__T posted is exactly that... It'd be VERY exciting if something like that were freely available. :)

Re: We need a VB music tracker!
Posted on: 2018/11/22 17:36
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MK opened a crowdfunding campaign for his tracker, its respective sound player code, and a brand new VB homebrew game entry. All after more than a year since the "debut" video was uploaded.

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