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Spike on the VB platform?
Posted on: 2015/1/16 18:23
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In a different site on a different group there was mention of a concept. The idea of the Vectrex game "Spike" on the Virtual Boy.

I regard Spike as sideways sort of Donkey Kong knock-off. Has anyone produced a Spike / Donkey Kong / BurgerTime style game for the VB? With a 3D effect that is. Could be a good thing.

I have seen the DKC2 thread. But so far no further info or ROM.

Re: Spike on the VB platform?
Posted on: 2015/1/18 4:19
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I watched a short video of the game-play, and I think it's pretty doable on the VB, especially now that Greg Stevens' wireframe library is available.

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