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Re: Virtual Girl!
Posted on: 2014/9/15 15:51
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KR155E wrote:
I was responding to Runnerpack. Sorry.

No, my bad! I only read my name in the quoted part and somehow thought you quoted me...

Re: Virtual Girl!
Posted on: 2014/10/22 19:34
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It's been an honor being a part of this project (as the Virtual Girl's "ophthalmologist" ). Besides the metaphysical rewards of "a job well done", I also got some nice physical rewards. On top of a handsome gratuity for services rendered, retronintendonerd also sent me this lovely, hand-made gift!
Thanks again, Candi!

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Re: Virtual Girl!
Posted on: 2014/10/22 19:37
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Any time Amos, it's the least I can do :) You did such a great job fixing up her "eyes". If people only knew what you had to deal with on the displays when I sent them to you. People would probably want to erect a statue in your name for saving these things despite some being so far "gone".

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