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Re: First time you heard of the Virtual Boy
Posted on: 2014/4/15 23:13
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I first heard about the Virtual Boy on Wikipedia in 2012. I was looking up what all of the wario land games were (because I had all the others) and I saw "Virtual Boy Wario Land". I clicked on it and saw what it was. From that page I went to the Virtual Boy's page. I thought and still think it is so cool! My dad and I were shopping in Sandusky and went to a video game store called POP!. I was looking through the shelves at video games and I looked up and saw the Virtual Boy! I wasn't allowed to get it that day.. We went back to POP! a few times that month. On the last time I begged my dad to let me get the Virtual Boy and to my surprise he let me! I bought it for $100 on 11/5/2012 (I still have the receipt). I later got Virtual Boy Wario Land, Teleroboxer, Nester's Funky Bowling, Mario Clash, and an AC adapter off eBay for only $40!
When I tried the Virtual Boy for the first time I found out the left eye had a glitchy display. It made me sad. But it works fine now though! I started collecting the games. About a year later I was in Columbus going to some video game stores and one store had a Virtual Boy in box(The box wasn't in very good shape but it was decent) with Galactic Pinball, virtual Boy Wario Land, and Mario's Tennis all with their manuals for $120! My dad let me get the new Virtual Boy because he knew how much I loved it(also because my other VB had a cracked stand. I played it in the car one day and stretched the stand too far)! I play my Virtual Boy all the time and have 13/14 of the games. I'm just missing 3D Tetris. I just got Waterworld for my birthday 2 months ago. I even have a Flashboy+! To this day the Virtual Boy is my favorite console and I'm only 14!

Re: First time you heard of the Virtual Boy
Posted on: 2014/4/16 3:21
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The first I heard of it was in or around the year 2000. I remember the N64 still being a big deal, but near it's end. My brother brought home this bizarre Red Console I've never seen or even heard of before (odd since I was big into games as a kid, not so odd because I don't remember a single advert for the thing on TV). It was missing the stand, but had Red Alarm and Golf. I ended up trying it out. I popped in Red Alarm, by the time the intro was over I had goosebumps. I ended up playing it for a few hours, and had loads of fun even though the IPD was off (I had no idea at the time). Then my brother said the friend he was borrowing it off of was willing to trade it for my N64. Well, I regrettably said no because I had only recently got the N64 and I was still stoked on finally having one. That and I had no idea there was a stand so I thought it would always be awkward to play, having to prop it up on random furniture.

Fast forward to June of 2013, I saw something on Red Alarm for the VB. I got a faint was familiar..and all of a sudden I had a flashback to that time 13 years ago, sitting on the floor hunched over a chair trying to beat the fist level of one of the most atmospheric games I had played. I had to feel that way again. So on to eBay, which was quite new to me, dropped $250(shipped) for a console with instructions, a few boxed games, AC tap etc. (ouch, should have traded way back when=P)
When it arrived, I set it up, and turned it on.. Suddenly I was transported back in time, the goosebumps came back, and I couldn't stop smiling. I've thoroughly enjoyed it ever since.

Re: First time you heard of the Virtual Boy
Posted on: 2014/4/16 4:23
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Yep Nintendo Power man! That was how I found out anything about games and I was so stoked. I remember the local walmart where my grandparents live had one on display and I'd play the Mario Clash demo every chance I got. It wasn't until I was out of college that I finally got one off of ebay.

Re: First time you heard of the Virtual Boy
Posted on: 2014/4/25 8:58
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I saw it in my old Nintendo Power magazines. In fact, that legendary issue (#75?) with the 3D cards was my favorite issue. Being a .poor farm kid in Vermont, I couldn't afford one right away. My family gave me $100 for my birthday in mid ' that time, KB toys had huge bins of VB stuff in the mall's corridor. $25 per system...$5 per game, any game. I ALMOST bought Jack Bros because I loved the ghoulish artwork and storyline. "$5 for a cool looking game that I may never play? Sure!". I remember holding a copy or two of the game, sealed, mint, only $5 each...then my stupid brother quoted some bad review and I scrapped the whole idea. My next crazy idea was to get an entire system's library with console and AC tap for that $100, but I saved up for the N64 :(

My first experience playing VB was the stand-up demo unit. The controller was like nothing I'd seen before, the graphics too.

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