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Black Line and Stand / Tri-Pod Questions
Posted on: 2013/4/12 4:04

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Hello. Me again with a few questions:

Black line - Recently my Virtual Boy has developed a black line that is barely visible. It's only visible with the left eye and if you move around, the line appears to "move" as well. If you look closely, you can still see some red through the line, only it's darker, so I'm thinking this is dust or a smudge on the mirror. Is this true? Can someone link me to a proper security bit to open it up?

Also, I recently noticed that the stand is cracked... in the typical place. I've taken very good care of my Virtual Boy and I think it cracked whenever a friend picked it up to look at it. What causes this crack and why is it so easy to happen? Are replacement parts hard to find? What happens if it cracks completely, will the stand no longer work? If it cracks enough where a piece falls out, I'll probably just super glue it to fix it.

While I think the Virtual Boy is awesome, it kinda stinks how there's so many design flaws.

Re: Black Line and Stand / Tri-Pod Questions
Posted on: 2013/4/12 10:04

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Hedgetrimmer sells a virtualboy stand medalion replacement kit. ... php?topic_id=4984&forum=3 so that's one way to fix it :).

as for the black line i have no idea if it's the miror of the glitchy lines. on ebay you can find 4,5 mm gamebits. You have to make sure thats it's long enough to reach the deepest holes in the virtualboy. The one i have is just a little bit to short so i have to apply some pressure to get the screws out.

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