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Re: Dragon Hopper?
Posted on: 2013/2/10 1:11
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VirtualJockey wrote:
Does anybody remember the story of the kid that released an Atari 2600 rom and lost out? He ended up getting murdered in a hotel room by some gal and a guy if I remember. Gruesome and horrible stuff.

I have never heard of such a thing, is there some source where I can read about this?

As for the original discussion, I think that if the ROM exists, it will more than likely surface eventually through either a fundraiser or someone selling the prototype itself.

Keyword: Eventually.

Re: Dragon Hopper?
Posted on: 2017/7/30 20:48
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Nintendo was thinking of doing VR with the Switch at some doubt Virtual Boy could be a virtual console idea for such a thing. Let's hope for that to see the light of day.

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