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Re: Dreamcast
Posted on: 2012/5/1 18:57
Joined 2012/3/13
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The Dreamcast should have been the biggest system in the world, yet it faded away and lost to it's competitors. :(

My two favorite games are "Sonic Adventures" and of course "Jet Grind Radio".

Re: Dreamcast
Posted on: 2012/5/21 14:07
VB Gamer
Joined 2012/5/21
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About CD-R wearing out the laser:

This is true with the first batch of backups. In those backups the data and audio portions on the disc were separated, causing the laser to go completely bonkers.
The sound you hear coming from the DC when playing these games, sounds like a floppy drive checking if there's a floppy inserted.

Don't play them, they will effectively ruin your DC.

All the self-booting games should be all right. I've never had any problems with mine (well, beside from the power supply pins needing a slight tweak, but that's caused by something completely different).

Re: Dreamcast
Posted on: 2012/8/22 8:07
Joined 2012/8/21
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Some of my favorite Dreamcast games are Triggerheart Exelica, Soul Calibur, Dead or Alive 2, Sonic Adventures, Ayanami Ikusei Keikaku (must be able to read japanese as I don't think there's a translation), Omikron: The Nomad Soul and Marvel vs Capcom 2.

So many great games for dreamcast. I only actually own three of them though. Pretty much my entire dreamcast library is made up of burned cds. I haven't had any problems with the laser throughout the years I've used it either. Didn't even think about it until now.

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