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Re: designing development tool
Posted on: 2005/7/27 18:34
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I would also vote for using the interrupt, but another way would be to actually control the VB's power source (i.e. perform a "cold reboot.")

This can be done one of two ways: (Without modifying the VB or keypad...)

1. Put a relay, power transistor, or other switch in series with the (6 to 15 VDC) power source going to or coming from the keypad.

2. (This will require testing) Connecting +5 VDC to one or more of the Vcc lines on the cart socket should power the rest of the VB, basically bypassing it's voltage regulator. (Be sure you DO NOT put batteries or an adapter in the keypad, of course! ) If so, you could then control this source as in option #1.

Of course, by modifying the VB, there are a number of ways it could be done. You could even change pin 5 into an actual /RESET line.


Re: designing development tool
Posted on: 2005/7/28 17:39
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I second the call for interupt vectors. If your rom emulator has a little logic to controll the rom access to the interup vectors you can easily break in to any game at anytime, do a soft reset (very fast) and of cource break on any interupt without affecting the game play. This is trivial since the interupt vectors are on even byte boundarys and you know there addresses. Just build in an simple address decoder using logic gates if you want.

if you need more help we are all interested in seeing someone develop a better hardware developer for the VB. Just post your design and we will review it for you.

David Tucker

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