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Insmouse no Yakata developers – where are they now?
Posted on: 2011/6/23 19:02
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This might be a long shot, but does anybody here know how to get in touch with the people behind Insmouse no Yakata? I'm researching an article and am having trouble finding out who they – I'Max? – really are.


Re: Insmouse no Yakata developers – where are they now?
Posted on: 2011/6/24 1:12
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Off topic, but I'm curious: are you the same person I once talked to on Twitter awhile ago who had the same username as your username here?

Sorry I have no information about those who made Insmouse no Yakata

Re: Insmouse no Yakata developers – where are they now?
Posted on: 2011/8/4 20:00
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this bump is certainly a little late, but it comes with information!

Betop, the guys actually behind Insmouse, were a development studio inside I'MAX, which is why you'd usually see the two names together. they put out a couple arcade games, namely Super Mahjong Fighter and Quiz Castle.

on the Game Boy, Betop developed the ports of Samurai Spirits (Shodown), Battle Arena Toshinden, and World Heroes 2 Jet. they also handled the Genesis port of King of the Monsters 2. most of these titles were published by Takara rather than I'MAX, however, so it's easy for them to get lost in the fray.

they were also responsible for the interesting Saturn RPG, Cyber Doll:

on the SNES, all of their games stayed in Japan, and most were published by I'MAX. they all kind of stink. there's a tactical game called Ball Bullet Gun, a pachinko game called Super Pachinko, and a couple others. nothing really to write home about, though.

Betop is long-defunct at this point. i don't know the cause, but it was probably bankruptcy. as far as i'm aware, they were a very small company with just a couple guys heading all of the projects.

hope this has been helpful!

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