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Re: [ENTRY] Mandelbrot Explorer
Posted on: 2010/11/9 21:45
Joined 2008/10/18
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^I just tried running it through my FlashBoy and it works!
Renders without any error :)

Re: [ENTRY] Mandelbrot Explorer
Posted on: 2010/11/10 8:00
Joined 2006/9/28
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CoderLong Time User (13 Years) PVBCC 2010 3rd
Pfft... Ah well. I hope everyone isn't testing exclusively on FlashBoys. At least my toolchain works now.

Re: [ENTRY] Mandelbrot Explorer
Posted on: 2011/2/13 19:22
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I downloaded the competition pack and as I have a FlashBoy Plus I naturally used that to try it out. Odd graphic errors with missing bars of vertical graphic and what was there looked a little too wide and odd.

Trying the new version...

Worked perfectly.

Well, not perfectly, when moving around the cursor there are short vertical bars appearing in bands on the right part of the display. About the same width and place as the rendering-bar - I also saw it while rendering after a re-start.

They aren't erased when the screen is re-drawn after a zoom either.

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