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Re: What other Game Systems DO you own?
Posted on: 2009/2/17 23:55
Joined 2007/8/8
Great Britain
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Heres what I can remember off the top of my head, multiple items not listed, only distinct items (anybody can have 5 VB's and 10 NES's).


- NES PAL A Front Loader
- NES PAL B Front Loader (with RGB scart port and cable)
- NES NTSC US Front Loader
- NES NTSC US Top Loader
- Famicom
- TEA4TWO Famicom
- AV Famicom
- Famicom Disk System

- Super Nintendo (PAL)
- Super Nintendo (NTSC US)
- Super Nintendo Mini (NTSC US)
- Super Famicom (NTSC JP)
- Super Famicom Jr (NTSC JP)
- Satellaview (NTSC JP)

- Virtual Boy

- Nintendo 64 (PAL)
- Nintendo 64 (NTSC US)
- Pikachu Special Edition N64 (PAL)
- Limited Edition Gold N64 (NTSC JP)
- 64DD (NTSC JP)
- Nintendo Ique

- Gamecube (PAL)
- Game Boy Player (PAL)

- Wii (PAL)

- Game Boy Original
- Game Boy Pocket
- Game Boy Light (JPN Only Release)
- Game Boy Color
- Game Boy Advance
- Game Boy Advance SP (Including Zelda: Minish Cap and NES special editions)
- Game Boy Micro (Including Famicom Limited Edition Micro)
- eReader
- Pokemon Mini
- Nintendo DS
- Nintendo DS Lite


- Master System Power Base
- Master System II
- Game Gear

- Mega Drive I
- Mega Drive II
- Mega CD I
- Mega CD II
- 32X
- Nomad

- Pico
- Saturn
- Dreamcast


- Xbox
- Xbox 360
- Playstation 1
- Playstation 2
- Philips CDI 450

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Re: BUY Blox??
Posted on: 2008/4/12 0:28
Joined 2007/8/8
Great Britain
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This is my first post on PVB because just the mention of a run of Blox has coax me out of my shell. As above posters, I'd definitely buy a copy if there was ever a run of them.
Might be worth considering, there could be some money to be made here by the people with the knowledge.

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