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Mario Tennis ROM Hack
Posted on: 2019/12/5 10:45
Joined 2019/12/5
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Hi everyone! I'm a new member of the community, but I had my eyes on Planet VB for years and had thought about participating in it for a while.

I'm a programmer with experience in both C and some assembly languages, so I'm feeling confident I could learn about VB games development. But for now, I aim at a small project: I just want to do a very simple Mario Tennis ROM hack.

I just want to change some sounds and maybe some graphics in the game. I'm wondering what are the tools I would need for that. Basically, where could I find a reliable ROM of Mario Tennis, what software should I use to modify it, and so on.

I know this is a broad request, and I'd be super thankful to anyone who can guide me in the right direction!

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