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Re: Virtualtrex
Posted on: 2019/5/28 18:34
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Since you need something like a 10 to 20 times speedup, optimising the emulator is not going to cut it. However there is a potential solution: pick a game and create a static binary translation (or more practically, a decompilation into C that can be recompiled for the VB) I would suggest replacing the default minestorm in the built-in rom woth a copy of Minestorm 3D, and producing an emulation of just that one game. (There are only a few 3D games on the Vectrex and they could each be handled this way)

You can read more about static binary translation at:

The technique has been applied in the Vectrex world already to port arcade vector games to the Vectrex, running on attached ARM processors.

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