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Re: Kickstarter - The Complete Virtual Boy: 100+ Page Color Hardcover Book
Posted on: 2019/4/3 19:36
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Iím the author of The Complete Virtual Boy book. Thanks for the support and for posting this!

Besides for the obvious licensed and unreleased game Iím covering every aftermarket release for the VB. I know a lot of the developers are here and this site has tons and tons of content so I wanted to reach out to this community.

I would love to talk to anyone involved in a VB game that has had a release or even a demo as Iím covering them all in the book!

For example, I know there is a huge story on Hyper Fighting and I would like to include an abridged version in the book. However, I want to talk to as many people as are willing to share their creation stories. If you donít want to that is fine as well and your releases will still be included.

My books are always more on a personal side, so having all of these stories is what I enjoy most about doing them. The communities around each system are amazing too and help keep me going!

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