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Japan import game question
Posted on: 2008/10/14 7:14

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Hey i'd just like to say brilliant site i love it!

now im wondering.. on Ebay the internet auction site they have japan import games, they are cheaper to the U.S versions

heres 2 questions i need answered:

are the japan import games in english or japan or both languages

are the japan import games any different to the U.S version of the games

if someone could answer those questions id greatly appreciate it


i bought a virtual boy from America, it came with to games - mario's tennis and teleroboxer, when i start either one of them up it has 'please read the instruction manual bla bla bla' in english and under it, it has the japanese words for it.

yet the rest of the game is in english.

it also says made in japan the games, are they japan import's? im kinda confused

If these japan import games with their boxes, much cheaper then the U.S versions with box and are pretty much the same and they are in english i dont mind japanese under it or whatever then should i buy them, im low on money and want to play alot of these games

example: wario land for virtual boy, japan import 30.00 in total

wario land for virtual boy, U.S version 50.00 in total



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