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i need some help here
Posted on: 2008/1/17 5:54
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i've neen into virtual boy for a long time now. i bought one when it first came out and have almost every game for it. i used to have a virtual boy website about 10 years ago but its dead and gone now. I also used to be a decent part of the ebay scene. I sold whatever extra rares I had so other people could make good use of it. Now i'm hoping to get a little help back from the VB community.

I haven't bothered with VB much in the last couple of years but I was reminded of it lately when I came across an old pair of sunglasses I won from a Tetris Attack event when the game first came out. They are black plastic and say 'Virtual Boy' on the sides of them. Theyre pretty cool.

I'm not too involved in the emulation scene. I understand how it all works, but I dont have a source for the roms. I see that you can download them off this site if you've been here for 6+ months and have 10 posts, but is there any way we can work around that? I think this site is great and it has so much information. Its basically a new and improved version of my old site, which got no hits since it was on

So anyway, can you guys help me out. I really want to get this stuff going on my PSP and on my PC as well. It goes without saying, but I would really appreciate it.


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