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New User, Just got back into collecting
Posted on: 2018/7/4 12:52
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I was big into the Virtual Boy since it first came out and I got one for 19.99 from Software Etc. I had the Blockbuster case and a ton of games including every US one. I took a 10 year hiatus for marriage, kids, and other interests and just got back into it last week when I decided to buy a copy of the homebrew finished copy of Bound High from a Facebook group. I was under the impression that I owned 1 of each American game plus Vtetris, Fishing, Space Squash, Flashboy, and my recently acquired bound high. I come to find out that I own two copies of Nester's Funky bowling, two copies of Vertical Force, two copies of Wario Land, two copies of Mario Clash, two copies of Panic Bomber (already sold to same person that sold me Bound High to get him closer to finishing his US collection) 3 copies of Mario's Tennis somehow, and the Japanese version of baseball also. I have no recollection having any of these extras lol. Here is a pic of everything but Galactic Pinball which was in my Virtual Boy.

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