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Secret Agent Prods. Inc.; USA 1996; 90 mins; with: Terry "Hulk" Hogan, Lesley-Anne Down; Director: John Murlowski; Producer: James Lifton

Ray Chase (Hulk Hogan), a secret agent for Shadow, a covert government agency, successfully steals a futuristic 10 billion dollar laser gun from the evil Eve Ellivon (Lesley-Anne Down). When Eve's guys catch Chase at a toy store, his son Jeremy escapes with the gun and decides to rescue his dad with his friends. You can see the Virtual Boy in a 52 sec. scene in the background of the "secretquarter" from the young spys.



You can either view the videos directly (requires Macromedia Flash), or download them in better quality (second link).

The Secret Agent Club
Length: 0:00:52
Info: A scene from the "Secret agent club" movie, in which the Virtual Boy appears.
Download (7,888 KB, MPEG-1, 320x240 Pixels)