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Reader Reviews

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"Gunpei Yokoi's most innovative creation"
Author: B.Hodges  Date: 1970/8/20  Rating: 8/10

"What was Nintendo thinking?"
Author: Gruel  Date: 1970/8/20  Rating: 4/10

"Sega gets to take a breather. It's Nintendo's turn to get roasted."
Author: Saikyo Ki  Date: 1970/8/20  Rating: 4/10

"Not the Best, but Certainly NOT the Worst"
Author: T-SqProductions  Date: 1970/8/21  Rating: 8/10

"System Review: Virtual Boy (1995)"
Author: bahooney  Date: 1970/8/21  Rating: 8/10

"Is the Virtual Boy Really As Bad As People Say?"
Author: MegaSilverX1  Date: 1970/8/21  Rating: 8/10