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Box Scans

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Blockbuster Video
Country: USA, Pages: 1
Advertisement for Blockboster Videos, where you could rent a VB, a PSX or a Aaturn, with 2 games respectively, for 3 days for only $9.99.

Cheat Sheet
Country: USA, Pages: 1
Advertisement for several Nintendo games, one of them being VB Wario Land, and the Virtual Boy system.

Get into it
Country: USA, Pages: 1
Pretty psychedelic ad for the Virtual Boy.

Must-See 3-D Sweepstakes
Country: USA, Pages: 1
Nintendo had a deal with Blockbuster Video, so people could rent a Virtual Boy with three games for three days for $9.99 and even got a $10 price cut when buying a Virtual Boy after renting. This is the corresponding advertisement.

Must See 3-D brochure
Country: USA, Pages: 6
A flyer by Blockbuster Video advertising the "Must See 3D" campaign.
"I remember huge stacks of these flyers, untouched on the counters." Rezrov remembers, "Even then few people were interested in the VB, promotional giveaway or not."

New low fare to the third dimension
Country: USA, Pages: 1
An ad by Nintendo which annouces a reduction of the Virtual Boy's price to $99.

Player's Poll Contest
Country: USA, Pages: 2
Contest by Nintendo where one could win a Virtual Boy plus a trip to Nintendo Headquarters. The winner could also play Bound High and Dragon Hopper!

Turn it on Virtual Boy
Country: USA, Pages: 2
Another two-sided Virtual Boy ad following the caveman theme.

Virtual Boy Brochure (#NESM128)
Country: USA, Pages: 2
One of the known Nintendo brochures. It contains the only known Goldeneye Screenshot!

Virtual Boy Competition
Country: USA, Pages: 1
An advertisement for a competition, where gamers could send in ideas for future VB games!

Virtual Boy Mall Tour 1995 Flyer
Country: USA, Pages: 2
Flyer promoting the Virtual Boy Mall Tour 1995.

WCES 1995 Brochure
Country: USA, Pages: 4
Pre-release brochure that gives the specs and info about the VB launch. Download High-Res (10,431 KB)

A 3-D Game for a 3-D World
Country: USA, Pages: 2
Another two-sided Virtual Boy ad from 1995 using the caveman theme from the TV commercials. It is part of Nintendo's 'Play It Loud' campaign (did cost 10 mio. $ btw!), which was awarded with the Effie Award, the most important award for PR-campaigns in the USA.


Japan Virtual Boy Flyer
Japan Virtual Boy Accessories Flyer
Japan VB Flyer