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Ever worry your running out of highway?
Autor: ectoglow | Datum: 29.03.2013 | Wertung: 3/10

Your driving down a highway full of potholes, they aren't too big, and it looks like someone tried to fill them at one point. Then you hit a traffic light. then another one. Slowly the 'highway' transitions into a small town road. then the traffic lights give way stop signs. The road is getting bumpier now, it appears this part of the road hasn't been repaved since Eisenhower. What was that? did you just drive across some train tracks hidden by grass growing through mounds of asphalt? why is there grass on this road? now your in the middle of a dusty field. What the hell just happened?

That's what its like playing this game. It starts of kind off bumpy but you just gotta find out where you're gonna end up. But as you continue onward the thread bareness you hoped would endear, or even disappear into some sort of hidden gem ends up right where you knew it would all along. The middle of a half finished, rushed to market game with box artwork that harkens back to the Atari cart days where there was rarely any correlation between said art and the game you ended up playing.

The only reason it gets 3 stars is because someone put that much effort (in this case very little) into squeezing out another Virtual Boy game. A game that back in 1999 was practically an urban legend. but now that we've all gotten to see it up close we realize its not Sasquatch (or even Bio-force Ape), its just a mannequin with carpet samples stapled to it... in the middle of a dusty field.