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Attack It with my Rackit
Autor: Blownapart | Datum: 20.03.2011 | Wertung: 6/10

First opening up an US Virtual Boy inside would be a copy of this game, and games bundled with consoles people like. The first in a successful line of Mario tennis games, this one is probably the most overlooked and it is easy to know why. It came out on the Virtual Boy for starters. With just two colours the game play went back to basics, a’ la Tennis (Original game Boy). Gameplay was basic with Vs mode and Tournament for Singles and doubles and no human-to-human interaction. Although this was going to be included via the VB's Playlink cable, it never happened.

Now if the system did not give you headaches, what you would be treated with would be long games of tennis that can get addictive, but the flaws show themselves sooner if you never played this before. Serve the ball incorrectly can end up with a double fault or misjudging the right time to hit an incoming can give the opponent the advantage. It is not hard you just have to learn to time a few things right. The recent games have been very forgiving in this department.

Playable characters Mario, Luigi and Peach are the only ones to appear in all future tennis games. Yoshi, Toad, Koopa and Donkey Kong Jr all vary. While much in the statics of them have not changed Mario Can cover groundstrokes more, Luigi speed cover more court and DK Jr hit the ball hard. The courts were all the same, only different backgrounds in the distance would appear whether be the hills with eyes or Peaches Castle. Everything in this game is unlocked for you to enjoy, great in short bursts but not something that people will go back to time and time again, Mario Tennis on the N64 wins that on a tie breaker.

Just remember it is Mario’s Tennis not Mario tennis, and as the Instruction manual would say, There’s never been a game like Mario’s Tennis!