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Pong in the 3rd Dimension!
Autor: B. Hodges | Datum: 04.12.2008 | Wertung: 8/10


This is a review for the Virtual Boy game Space Squash. It was released only in Japan late in 1995. This game will work on an American Virtual Boy without any modifications.

Gameplay - 8/10

The best way to describe this is to start with Pong, add the ability to to move up and down, and lastly throw in some powerups.

In this game you control the Peatron, a squash playing robot. The game has 8 opponents and a total of 75 stages. The goal is to defeat your opponent by either getting the ball past him or lowering his HP to zero. Every Area also has a boss who can only be defeated by getting his HP down to zero. At the end of every area there is a bonus stage where you can earn additional powerups.

You can choose to equip Peatron with one of four special abilities before each match:
Shoot, Speed, Homing, or Shield. After you fill up your power gauge, you can use your special ability. Shoot hits the ball hard, Speed increases your speed for a short time, Homing causes the ball to home in on your opponent (a must for boss matches!), and Shield creates a force field to keep the ball from getting behind you.

Unfortunately the game is only for one player, a two player head to head mode would have been great.

Play Control 8/10

The controls respond well, but can be complicated at first. One control pad controls movement while the other controls your shots, you can hit the ball with either your left, right, or both hands. Getting the ball to go where you want is a little tricky, keeping the control score from being a perfect 10.

Story - ?/10

There is a short intro text when you start each game, but it is in Japanese so I don't know if it is a background story or what.

Graphics - 9/10

The graphics are awesome. The 3D effects are amazing, make sure you try playing with clear levels so you can see the stars in the background. The force field looks really cool when you use it. These are among the best graphics of any Virtual Boy game.

Sound - 6/10

Like most other Virtual Boy games, the sound isn't that great. The music is okay, but the sound effects are really dull. This is really the game's only major weak point.

Playing Time/Replay Value - 8/10

This game has three difficulty levels and 75 stages that can be reached through multiple paths. The downside is that you keep playing against the same eight opponents over and over again.

Buy, Borrow, or Avoid? - Buy

This is a pretty rare game so copies typically go for $80 or more. It isn't worth that much funwise, but if you can find a copy for less, I would definitely recommend buying it.

Overall Score - 8/10

This is one of the best Virtual Boy games. It combines fun gameplay with awesome 3D effects, exactly what the Virtual Boy was designed to do.