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The perfect game to show off the Virtual Boy.
Autor: Rhindle The Red | Datum: ? | Wertung: 9/10

Yes, it was the first thing I though, too. Mario's TENNIS???? Well, they couldn't have made a better choice for the Virtual Boy's pack-in game than Mario's Tennis. It covers all the bases: it's fun, filled with everyone's favorite video game characters, and shows off
the VB nicely. Mario's Tennis features a game (or tournament!) in which the player takes the part of one of Mario's cast of characters. Available are: Mario, Luigi, The Princess, Yoshi, Toad, a Koopa, and (best of all!) Donkey Kong, Junior! Play can be in singles or doubles (with the player teaming with a computer player).

Graphics 5 out of 5

The usual crisp, clean graphics of the Mario games are here. Each character is unique, and easy to identify, even when acting as an opponent (who are lower resolution than players.) Each character also has a unique setting, causing the backgrounds to be different with each opponent. Little animations in the background are cute, and do not distract from game play. The 3-D effect is successful, and never gets in the way of playing. The 3-D removes a major problem for most other tennis games and makes identifying the location of the ball a snap.

Music and Sound 3 out of 5

The Music and sound are solid and appropriate, but there is nothing that stands out as excellent. The music stays mostly in the background, and doesn't interfere, but it also fails to set a mood for the various locations. Different music for each setting would seem more effective. Sound effects are, typically, simple and functional.

Game Challenge 4 out of 5

The level of challenge this game presents is heavily based on what difficulty it is set on. At its easy and normal settings, the game can be a breeze to conquer. The only major difference between the two is the intelligence of the opponents. On Hard, new rules come into effect regarding racquet size, and ball control that make this level significantly more challenging.

Game Play-Fun 5 out of 5

Mario's Tennis is unquestionably fun, especially if you are a fan of the Mario/Donkey Kong games. Just the chance to run around as these characters makes the game worth playing.


The only frustrating thing is a problem I have with most tennis games. I'm playing a video game, so I don't need extra delays to "change sides." It just wastes my time.

Replayability 5 out of 5

This is an excellent cartridge to keep near the machine just to throw in when you want to kill some time. Since there is no great storyline to follow, or goal to reach, there's no problem just quitting in the middle if you've got to go and starting over again later. With all the different configurations of characters and game settings, you can vary the game playing experience enough ways to ensure no boredom.

Overall 22 out of 25

Overall, as I said in the introduction, this is the perfect game to show off the Virtual Boy. It shows how immersive the VB experience can be, and also is a hoot to play. I'd say this is a must-get for any VB system, but if you own a Virtual Boy, you should have it already.