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This version is definately better than the arcade version of Panic Bomberman.
Author: Erikku | Date: 2000/12/07 | Rating: 8/10

This version of Panic Bomberman turned out to be tons better than the arcade version. I can see why! There are a ton of modes in it, you are able to customize your shapes, the backgrounds are very nice, the enemies are large and in 3-D as well! Now it is time to get to the review!

Gameplay- 9

Like almost all puzzle games, this game has something to do with falling blocks. These blocks are shaped as Bomberman heads or something else (Depends on what you choose for your bomber-shape). You connect three Bomberman heads vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, to make them dissapear. As you make them dissapear, bombs appear at the bottom of the screen. Now and then, a lit bomb will appear as your next piece. You can take that bomb and blow up the bombs that you have on the bottom of the screen, and if you blew up enough of your bombs, a large ammount of ''Dud Bombs'' will appear at the opponent's side of the screen. If you can't make enough chain reactions in time, there is still hope! As you make blocks dissapear, you'll notice a bomb growing larger and larger on your screen. Once it gets large enough, you'll get to use that bomb. It will clear about three or four rows on your side, and add a bunch of duds to the opponent's site. Be aware though, the computer player can do this too!

The control in the game is of course, perfect. All you need to do is flip the pieces around, move them, and place them wherever. Doesn't take much strategy to do that. The challange in the game is completely adjustable. You've got many different challange modes to select from, so this game can be easy enough for a beginner gamer, and tough enough for an expert player!

Story- 7

The story of the game is odd, just what you'd normally expect in a puzzle game. As you progress through the game, the enemies will have a little talk with your, and that sorta progresses the story. Anyways, here is the story of the game.

Bomberman travels to a mysterious island to collect several medals, and to retrive the Golden Bomber statue. It isn't going to be easy for Bomberman, he finds his old foes from previous games, and some new faces that don't take kindly to his appearance. There is also a Girl-Bomber who is racing Bomberman to the Gold Bomber statue! Will Bomberman make it to the Gold Bomber in time?

Media- 10

I don't see anything wrong here. Of course, everything is red, but for Virtual Boy's red graphics, this has to be some of it's best graphics for a game. The characters are big and well drawn, the backgrounds are large and well drawn, the shapes are easily recognized too, unlike in many monochromatic puzzle games.

The music in the game is excellent as well. You'll notice several tunes in this game from the previous Bomberman games, and you'll also discover some new tunes in the game as well. Don't worry, the new tunes are just as catchy as the old music remixes. Lets not forget the Sound Effects of this game too! Yes, the Sound FX are very neat! Nothing more to say about that!

Replay Value- 7

Yes, this game is much fun. You'll be playing it over and over. You can improve your skill and go on playing until you beat Hardest mode, but after that, that is it. Nothing more to play. This 1-Player mode is the only mode in the game. No Endless mode, Puzzle mode, or 2-Player mode, just 1-Player mode. The replay value is the only thing that actually hurts the game. Fortunately, even when you've grown tired of the game, you'll find yourself pulling out the game now and then for a nice long play.

Is it worth the buy?

It sure is. It is much more worth it than wasting quarters on the arcade machine. The graphics are just better in this version, and it is also just more fun. Of course, I don't know where you'll be able to find Virtual Boy games these days, but if you ever find Panic Bomber, you should go ahead and get it! It won't be there for long! Believe me, this game is probably one of Virtual Boy's best games!