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usa Nintendo Power 80 (01/96)
Nintendo Power - USA - 7 Pages
Shoshinkai report, Virtual League Baseball cheats, a Jack Bros review, the best 5 Virtual Boy games of 1995 plus a Virtual Fishing (us) preview!
ger Mega Fun 02/96
Mega Fun - Germany - 2 Pages
Famicom Space World 95 report with some screens of unreleased games.
ger Nintendo Fun Vision 02-03/96
Nintendo Fun Vision - Germany - 1 Page
Shoshinkai '95 report that has short info about some Virtual Boy games.
jpn Famitsu 363 (1995-12-01)
Famitsu - Japan - 11 Pages
Info and screenshots of a lot of unreleased VB games.
ukv Official Nintendo Magazine 01/10
Official Nintendo Magazine - Great Britain - 6 Pages
Long and good looking article, but sadly it spreads some misinformation.
mex Club Nintendo 43 (03/96)
Club Nintendo - ??? - 2 Pages
Interview with Gunpei Yokoi and a complete site about Virtual Bomberman with many stereo screenshots.