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From the prototype shown in the official preview trailer.


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Bound High Promo
Length: 0:00:20
Info: Very cool promo video with a good selection of in-game footage.
Download (5,237 KB, Xvid, 700x468 Pixels)

Bound High E3 '96
Length: 0:00:08
Info: Cool, but unfortunately short video recorded at E3 1996.
Download (1,176 KB, MPEG-1 (No Sound), 352x288 Pixels)

E3 '96 VB Displays
Length: 0:00:03
Info: Short clip showing 3 VB Displays on E3 1996, on which various unreleased titles could be played. Front one is Bound High! (note the logos on top of the displays), right one is Dragon Hopper, and the left one cannot be seen clear enough (probably Dragon Hopper). Also note the Bound High! inserts in the front display's wings.
Download (206 KB, DivX (no sound), 544x432 Pixels)

E3 1996 VB Booth
Length: 0:00:27
Info: The Virtual Boy booth at E3 1996 with a lot of VB display with playable versions of Bound High and Dragon Hopper. Also contains some seconds of Dragon Hopper footage.
Download (7,680 KB, DivX, 700x422 Pixels)


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Title Description Length Size
turn_on_vb.mp3 Sound played right after turning on the VB. 0:00:01 14 KB
jss_logo.mp3 Sound played while seeing the JSS logo. 0:00:01 23 KB
bh_logo.mp3 Bound High! logo. 0:00:03 62 KB
bh_intro.mp3 Title Song. 0:02:05 1,954 KB
menu_select.mp3 Sound played when making a menu selection. 0:00:01 18 KB
intro.mp3 Adventure of Chalvo intro. 0:00:37 584 KB
world_start.mp3 Sound played when starting into a world. 0:00:01 30 KB
bh_world1.mp3 Adventure of Chalvo World 1 BGM. 0:01:54 1,791 KB
menu_bgm.mp3 BGM i.e. in P&C or password menus. 0:00:10 165 KB
pocket_cushion.mp3 Pocket&Cushion BGM. 0:01:25 1,336 KB
miss.mp3 Missing a platform and losing a live. 0:00:02 45 KB
warning.mp3 Warning! Screen before a boss stage. 0:00:23 374 KB
finalboss.mp3 Final Boss Battle BGM. 0:01:30 1,416 KB
bh_world2.mp3 Adventure of Chalvo World 2 BGM. 0:01:45 1,645 KB
bh_world3.mp3 Adventure of Chalvo World 3 BGM. 0:01:58 1,845 KB
bh_world4.mp3 Adventure of Chalvo World 4 BGM. 0:01:36 1,514 KB
score_attack.mp3 Score Attack BGM. 0:02:22 2,231 KB
boss.mp3 Boss Battle BGM. 0:01:05 1,016 KB